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Fully Automatic L-Type Sealing Machine

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Fully Automatic L-Type Sealing Machine

Machine allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
1. Possibility of storing up to 10 different operation programs
2. Automatic control of the sealing bar height (Oniy for CS modei)
3. Double adjustment oflhe sealing blade temperature, both lengthways and broadways
4. Possibility of packing single packs or muitipacks
5. Speed of conveyors electronically adjustabie from the control panel

1. Motorized center seal system as standard (Only for CS model)
2. Piece counter, batch production setting possible
3. Measurement pack length
4. Real-time output
5. Control of irregular packs
6. Reduced power consumption
7. Packing film requirement: Polyolefin, polyethylene, micro perforated film, thickness from 10 to 50 u
8. Compliance with CE regulations
1. Printing mark registration device for printed film
2. Additional lnfeed and outfeed belt conveyor
3. Kissing belt for small product.

Model No. LA-6000 / LA-6000CS LA-8000/LA-8000CS
Power supply/installed power 220 – 240 V,1PH-N PE, 50/60 Hz/ 3200 W
Compressed air pressurel Compressed air consumption 5 bar, 75L per min 6 bar, 90L per min
Sealing bar Dimension 610 x 480 mm 860 x 670 mm
Maximum pack height 200 mm for center seal/120mm for no center seal 250 mm for center seal/150mm for no center seal
Speed of conveyors 10 – 30 M/min
Average output per hour 600-2400 600-1800
Maximum size of film reel 600-300mmφ
Machine size (LxWxH)(mm) 2040x1610x1240 2580x1870x1300
Packed machine size (LxWxH)(mm) 2160x1730x1490 2700x1990x1550
Machine weight (NW/GW)(Kg) 610/850 850/1100

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